Setting Up Video Streaming for your Church

“Video streaming for your church”

It’s 2014 and by now most churches are aware of other churches that stream their church services online. Many churches simply have not made the investment and frankly don’t know how. Here are the basics of getting your church online, what to look out for and how to do it right.

Quality Equipment – Without building a TV studio it’s important to know that there is still a substantial investment in equipment that will need to be made. The biggest key component to this are the video camera (s) employed. A single camera is a mistake as the broadcast tends to be quite boring without at least 2 shots. However, many churches start out with one and build, there is nothing wrong with that. 98% of Excel AV Group customers buy remote controlled pan and tilt cameras that take up very little space in the worship space and require less staff vs. tripod cameras. Excel AV Group works with Vaddio exclusively for this type of camera technology.


After the cameras the next most important element is quality audio with not only good spoken word but ambient mics in the room to give the viewer the feeling like they are hearing the room as if they were sitting in it. Companies like Audio Technica make great microphones for this type of application.


Next consider what the viewer sees in terms of video switching and graphics/overlays. It is a huge mistake not to overlay or “Key” text such as name of the church, name of the Pastor, title of the message, scripture verses etc. to build interest in the broadcast. Many of the switchers offer integrated audio, recording and streaming such as the popular VR-50HD multi-format AV mixer by Roland Systems Group.


Roland VR-50HD

Streaming Service – Every church needs to have a streaming service offer both live and archive services by offering your church a “channel” on the internet. Free streaming services require advertising during the broadcast and some advertisements may be rather unholy. Consider a church dedicated streaming service such as  that Excel AV Group recommends exclusively.

Now that you understand the very basics contact Excel AV Group today to learn how we can customize a video streaming system for your church.


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