Fixing & Upgrading Church Lighting

Good lighting in a church. What does that mean?

If the lighting meets all of the practical and creative needs, you have good lighting. Let’s explore how it happens:

House lighting – Or to put it easier, lighting for the congregational seating. Excel AV Group designs lighting for the sanctuary seating area in the range of 20-30 ft. candles average. This will allow for comfortable reading if need be but not too bright to where it is uncomfortable. Excel AV Group works with a broad range of manufacturers depending on the housing lighting needed both basic and decorative.  Excel sells house lights from brand such as Scott Architectural, Philips Strand, Juno, G Lighting, Manning, Kurt Versen and many more:

Check out these beautiful before and after photos. Click or press on these for larger viewing.


Stage lighting – Or altar lighting if you’re space is more traditional. This is where the real creativity can happen with on the contemporary side color, haze, moving lights etc. or simply better lighting wash for a traditional space. Excel AV Group offers a wide range of stage lighting solutions from companies such as Philips Strand, ETC, Chauvet Professional and many more:


Dimming & Control – The best case scenario for any space is to have the “house” lighting and stage lighting not only ran from the same system but integrated control together.   Excel AV Group can design and install from the most basic and easy to use touch panel control systems with scene recall ability to full on stage lighting control surfaces such as our popular Jands Vista offering visual markers and setup of easy to recall lighting “cues”. How many churches are stuck with 1960’s lighting controls that barely work anymore or are on circuit breakers.


The LED revolution – By far the most exciting trend in lighting is the super low power consumption LED lights.  Both house and stage lighting fixtures are now offered in LED.  While the upfront cost can be a little higher with LED the costs are coming down all the time and it won’t be long (maybe even 2-3 years) before incandescent fixtures are no longer manufactured.

No matter what your lighting challenge or dream is please contact Excel AV Group today to learn how we can help you with your lighting project.


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