Stage Lighting for Auditoriums, Churches and Larger Spaces

    Whether you are lighting a stage for a church, school auditorium or a public gathering space there are some fundamentals to lighting that should be looked at. Of course while there is a lot of choices with lighting like color, a nice white wash or moving lights the choices with lighting are endless. […]

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Surveillance and Secure Entry Systems – Why All Commercial Properties Need It

Surveillance and Secure Entry Systems How to make your property and organization safe Surveillance Systems – Time lapse recording on propertyHow many times has it been in the news that a non-custodial parent in a feud with their ex abducts a child from say a preschool or a church Sunday school? A camera system with […]

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Fundamentals of Good Sound and How to Get Good Sound in your Church or Auditorium

Whether you’re a church, a school or some other type of auditorium achieving good sound can be difficult depending on the space. Understanding the steps to take in how to have good sound is essential. At Excel AV Group we look at several factors for our clients. Here are the basics: Do you need to […]

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Fixing & Upgrading Church Lighting

Good lighting in a church. What does that mean? If the lighting meets all of the practical and creative needs, you have good lighting. Let’s explore how it happens: House lighting – Or to put it easier, lighting for the congregational seating. Excel AV Group designs lighting for the sanctuary seating area in the range of 20-30 ft. […]

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How to make a sound, video or lighting system easy to use

Easy Mix Sound Controller I’ve been in the AV industry now for over 20 years and it never stops to amaze me how important the ease of use issue is for most customers. WHY? The answer is very simple: Commercial Sound, Video & Lighting Systems are nothing more than a subset of the technology revolution. The technology revolution […]

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