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Audio Video Lighting Systems Burnsville MN

Sound, Video and Lighting Systems in Burnsville MN

Excel AV Group of Burnsville MN is a leader in the design and installation of sound, video and lighting systems for commercial clients in Burnsville MN. Excel AV Group specializes in church sound, video & lighting systems in Burnsville as well as business conference systems, school sound and video systems and lighting systems.

Excel AV Group has extensive experience in the design and installation of:

Sound Systems Excel AV Group seeks to match a sound system to the needs of the customer throughout Burnsville Minnesota and surrounding areas. If the need is intelligible spoken word there is no need for a rock n roll sound system at 110db. If the customer wants their church our auditorium in Burnsville Mn to have full tonal balance at high SPL for an immersive experience Excel Av Group can deliver.

Video Systems –Whether your need is for video projection or video camera systems for streaming your church online in Burnsville, Excel AV group can help. If you simply need a projection system for a conference room in Burnsville, Excel AV Group will also discuss with you modern methods of video and audio conferencing.

Lighting Systems – Many church auditoriums in Burnsville Minnesota are old and outdated, they lack sufficient lighting or the church may be moving into more contemporary worship where creative stage lighting is required. Contact Excel AV Group today to learn how a lighting system can transform your space.

Room Acoustics – Excel AV Group can fix problematic room acoustics and match the room for your use.

New Construction Projects – Excel AV Group can create ground up turnkey systems for your new building.

Give Excel Av Group of Burnsville Minnesota a call at 763-210-1171 or 1-866-659-0397 for more information regarding Audio, Video and Lighting systems throughout Burnsville Minnesota.

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